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Chestnut 20817

Castanea mollissima 'Bond Orchard Selection™ 20817'

20817 is a disease-resistant production selection with unusual vigor and uniformity. Superior nut production and above average nut size.

Superior selection of Chinese Chestnut
Outstanding vigor, uniformity and disease-resistance
Selection developed on farm of Missouri Senator Christopher 'Kit' Bond
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14536 12-18in 4x4 S2 $15.00

More About Castanea mollissima 'Bond Orchard Selection™ 20817':

Bond Orchard Selection nuts are special selections that have performed well in Central Missouri. This variety was selected as a seedling of Dunstan Chestnuts and tend to have above average nut size.  

Superior F1 seedling selections of are developed from parent trees from Senator 'Kit' Bond's Chinese Chestnut Orchard. Within his orchard, he has the following grafted varieties serving as pollinators: 'Peach', 'Sleeping Giant', 'Lindstrom 67', 'Eaton', and 'Homestead'.

Gardening Suggestions for Chestnut 20817:

Produced using Forrest Keeling's patented RPM Root Production Method ® technology for exceptional growth and survivability.

Also consider grafted varieties including 'Peach', 'Sleeping Giant', 'Lindstrom 67', 'Eaton', and 'Homestead'.

Key Characteristics:

Humming- birds
Moist, Well-Drained
30-60 Feet
20-40 Feet
Hardiness Zone:
4 - 8

RPM: Scientifically Proven to Grow Faster and Healthier

Forrest Keeling Nursery is the world-renowned originator of the RPM (root production method®) RPM technology. Our patented RPM tree technology yields unsurpassed survivability and plant growth, which makes Forrest Keeling plants the benchmark for wetland restorations and large-scale installations in any application.


Characteristics & Attributes for Castanea mollissima 'Bond Orchard Selection™ 20817'

Attracts Wildlife

Humming- birds
Upland Birds and Game

Soil Moisture Preference

Moist, Well-Drained


Full Sun

Season of Interest (Flowering)