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Kanza Pecan

Carya illinoinensis 'Kanza'

Kanza is an early maturing native cultivar pecan with smaller pecans. Kanza was primarily released for the northern pecan belt because of its superior cold hardiness and early harvest date.

Provides food and cover for wildlife
Prefers moist soils
'Kanza' quality nuts ripen before other varieties
Cold-hardy and disease resistant

More About Carya illinoinensis 'Kanza':

On droughty sites especially, consider using varieties that produce smaller nuts such as 'Kanza', 'Caddo', and 'Sioux'. 'Kanza' produces about seventy to eighty small nuts per pound, and under stress, it may take as many as ninety nuts to produce a pound. On a soil that exhibits good water relationships, nut size could increase so that 'Kanza' produces sixty-five nuts per pound. Nut size is similar for 'Caddo' and 'Sioux'.

Gardening Suggestions for Kanza Pecan:

Produced using Forrest Keeling's patented RPM Root Production Method ® technology for exceptional growth and survivability. Check on our cultivars such as 'Colby', 'Major', 'Normal', 'Pawnee', 'Peruque' and 'Posey' for specific conservation and agricultural benefits. Good quality nuts are also found on our grafted varieties, including 'Colby', 'Kanza', 'Lakota', 'Normal', 'Peruque' and 'Posey'.

Key Characteristics:

Moist, Well-Drained
70-100 Feet
40-75 Feet
Hardiness Zone:

RPM: Scientifically Proven to Grow Faster and Healthier

Forrest Keeling Nursery is the world-renowned originator of the RPM (root production method®) RPM technology. Our patented RPM tree technology yields unsurpassed survivability and plant growth, which makes Forrest Keeling plants the benchmark for wetland restorations and large-scale installations in any application.


Characteristics & Attributes for Carya illinoinensis 'Kanza'

Attracts Wildlife

Upland Birds and Game

Soil Moisture Preference

Moist, Well-Drained


Full Sun