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Garden Tips

Why do we garden?

It’s time to get our gardens ready. And ourselves.

It is time to survey and make note of the dead and damaged, to prune the summer-blooming shrubs, and plan for cleanup and refreshing of beds and borders. It’s time to order the new plants, especially the bare-root ones, and tune up our tools.  And, it is time to ready ourselves for a new year of growth and to reflect on what it is that makes us want to touch the soil in an age of technology.

So, why do we garden?

We garden, not for flowers or foliage.  We garden for the promise of warm sun on the back of our necks, the smell of soil and the reward of new, spring sprouts.  We garden for the gift of song from visiting bird, of hope in a butterfly and of grace in a hummingbird.  And, in the small moments, to know and be known by God.