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Two Year Old Seedling and 18 month old RPM Tree

Two Year Old Seedling and 18 month old RPM Tree

The Root Production Method® (RPM) Technology

From a natural disaster to a natural winner

The historic 1991 flood devastated flood plain ecosystems along the Mississippi and Missouri Rivers.  Additionally, much of the Forrest Keeling Nursery plant stock was lost.  But, when Wayne Lovelace, FKN president, surveyed the damage, he was even more struck by the survivability of the native species. 

“The species that survived the extended inundation were our humble native species.  Even at our nursery, where we lost most of our cultivar and hybrid species, we could salvage most natives.  This gave us direction and inspiration to emphasize native species at Forrest Keeling.  Since then, we’ve become known as the premier provider for local source native plants and trees,” explained Lovelace.

What followed was even more dramatic.  The development of Forrest Keeling’s patented RPM-production technology.  RPM gave Forrest Keeling Nursery a way to help their quality natives grow faster so establishment could be accelerated in restoration of the flood damaged sites, along with cover and food production for the wildlife that depends on that habitat. 

RPM’s 12-step patented process gives plants a natural boost that helps speed growth and production and ensure survivability from seedling stage through the life of the plant.

The special process starts with Forrest Keeling’s state-of-the-art seed selection process and strict grading process to select the best seedlings at first flush.  

Choice seedlings continue to receive special nutrition, along with mycorrhiza inoculation, and a unique growing medium.  Addition of a hydrogel product protects each plants’ soil moisture levels from production through planting.

Finally, before shipping, all Forrest Keeling’s RPM-produced plants receive “shipping insurance” with treatment of a premium wetting agent.

Forrest Keeling’s RPM plants are extraordinary because of these extras.  RPM delivers better results for any application… guaranteed.