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Benefits of a Native Plant

Beautiful. Easy. Cost-Effective.

There are almost as many benefits to ‘going native’ with your landscape as there are native species. 

  • Add beauty and informal style - Wildflowers as well as native grasses, shrubs and trees lend themselves to informal, easy-care style.  A rainbow of colors and simple bold shapes of planting beds are part of the natural appeal.

  • Reduce resource use – Tough-tested natives use less water and fertilizers that their cultured counterparts.  In fact, too much water and too-rich soils usually result in plantings that fail because of top-heavy plants, fungus, and weed invasion.  Established native plants have well developed survival strategies that equip them to thrive in their environments.  So, even herbicides and pesticides are unnecessary, which will save you money and create a healthier environment for you and your family.

  • Work to solve problems – No matter if your site is dry or wet, sunny or shady, perennial native plants provide the perfect solution. Deep, fibrous roots of native plants will work to break up clay soil and absorb run-off, resist drought and stabilize steep stream banks and slopes.  And, less mowing and replanting saves time, money and labor.

  • Create a sense of place and attract watchable wildlife – Use of native plants lends a ‘sense of place’ and helps support a healthy habitat. 

The Root Production Method®
The majority of our native plants are grown utilizing our patented Root Production Method® (RPM) technology that is an all natural process that produced a robust root structure that not only achieved the highest potential rates of survivability, but also accelerated growth rates to levels that are multiples ahead of its bareroot alternatives.